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by Kevin Coupe

The San Francisco Chronicle has a story about a startup called ParkingCupid, described as "a parking version of Airbnb" that allows people to make "up to $400 a month renting out their unused apartment parking spaces, garages and driveways."

The story notes that the site "offers to match those with parking spaces to drivers who can't find a place to park their vehicles. Naturally, spaces in inner-city neighborhoods with limited or no public parking command the biggest fees, but spots near sports stadiums and airports are also in high demand ... Membership, which allows you to post a wanted listing and contact parking hosts, is $15 a month. An upgraded membership with more features is available."

But the point is that technology enables people to come up with real solutions to real problems ... solutions that, when you think about, circumvent the established business models used by public and private parking lots.

And the even larger point is that every business model is vulnerable to that kind of subversion and disruption.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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