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NBC News reports that Mitsubishi, Japan's sixth-largest automaker, has admitted that it "had used fuel economy testing methods that were not compliant with Japanese regulations for 25 years, much longer than previously known, and would set up an external committee to investigate the matter."

According to the story, "The automaker's admission that more models may not comply with Japanese standards has sparked fears of ballooning compensation costs and fines. The U.S auto safety regulator is also seeking information, while Japanese authorities have raided one of its research and development facilities."

It was just a few months ago that Volkswagen admitted that it had been both systemically and systematically cheating on emissions tests for a decade, creating an environment of mistrust enveloping its brands.
KC's View:
It simply mazes me - maybe it shouldn't - that the people who run these companies somehow think it is okay to do this crap ... which betrays the public trust and puts their brand at risk. It is morally abhorrent and fiscally irresponsible.