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• The National Grocers Association (NGA) said yesterday that Tom Woodmansee, former president of the North Dakota Grocers Association, has been presented with the NGA Association Leadership Award "for his dedication and commitment to the independent supermarket industry."

• At the same time, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) presented Missouri Representative Dan Shaul (District 113), state director of the Missouri Grocers Association, with its annual Donald H. MacManus Award "for his extraordinary leadership in public affairs and his dedication to both industry and community relations."

One of the things that FMI lauded Shaul for was the introduction of a bill - that eventually became state law - preventing any local municipality from banning any kind of shopping bag or establishing fines or fees for their use. When the bill finally became law - with an override of the governor's veto - it included an amendment that also prevented any local municipality from increasing their minimum wage over the state's. All of which I find interesting, and positions that I trust will guide him next time he is faced with a federal law superseding its own state laws.
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