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The Oregonian reports that Green Zebra Grocery, the healthy convenience store that is the brainchild of former New Seasons Market CEO Lisa Sedlar, will open its second store this week, in Portland's Lloyd District.

The 8,000 square foot store is positioned in such a way that Sedlar believes that fully half its customers will walk, bike or take the city's public transportation system there.

The story notes that Sedlar opened the first Green Zebra in October 2013. A third store is scheduled to be opened on the campus of Portland State University later this year.
KC's View:
It has taken Lisa Sedlar about two and a half years to get this second store open, which is certainly longer than she expected ... but the good news is that the time has been well used to hone the marketing and merchandising approach used by the original unit in North Portland.

I've always liked this store, and think that it is noteworthy that as people talk about Whole Foods' new 365 concept as trying to imitate and massage the Trader Joe's experience, Green Zebra actually tried to do something wholly original - offering strong foodservice, a more than adequate grocery selection, and a cool, effortlessly healthy vibe.

By the way ... I have a soft spot for Lisa Sedlar because she has a soft spot for Jean Luc Picard ... which you can read about here.

Also, Lisa came to the class I teach at Portland State during the summer a couple of years ago, and I talked about it here.