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Bloomberg reports on a speech given by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco, in which he "outlined a 10-year plan to alter the way people interact with each other and the brands that keep advertising dollars rolling at the world’s largest social network."

Zuckerberg's vision, the story says, "includes having users chat with artificially intelligent bots on Facebook’s Messenger to do everything from getting sports updates to ordering a car service. Further into the future, Zuckerberg sees people interacting with virtual representations of places and objects, accessible through digital applications, instead of purchasing the objects or traveling in real life ... The plan for all of Facebook’s products, from messaging to virtual reality, will require building an audience and then getting developers to build an ecosystem of businesses that communicate with that audience. He encouraged businesses to build bots for Messenger, which has more than 900 million users, saying that interacting directly with customers via the chat service will replace downloading individual apps on phones."

“A lot of the things we think about as physical objects today, like a TV, will actually just be a $1 app in an app store,” Zuckerberg said.
KC's View:
Just as a lot of the things we think about as commonplace will someday soon be antiquated relics, and a lot of the things we think of as fantasies will be bedrock realities. Though I must admit that I think that if we accept virtual representations rather than actually traveling, we will have lost something significant as a culture .. though maybe that's just antiquated thinking.