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The Hill reports that the US Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by Walmart that hoped to challenge the $187.6 million verdict brought against it in a class action suit.

The suit, originally brought by hourly employees of both Walmart and Sam's Club, successfully charged that the retailer "failed to compensate them for rest breaks and off-the-clock work as mandated in their policies," which violated Pennsylvania state minimum wage laws.

Walmart said that it was disappointed but respected the court's decision, though it noted that "the claims in the lawsuit are over10 years old and policies have been put in place to ensure all workers receive appropriate pay and break periods."
KC's View:
I'm not sure that it is entirely fair for Walmart to complain that it is being penalized for actions taken a decade ago and policies that it has corrected. After all, it could have ended the whole thing years ago by simply saying "uncle," settling with the plaintiffs and moving on.