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The Telegraph reports that there is speculation that Ocado, the UK-based e-commerce service provider, "may be close to agreeing a technology deal" with a US retailer.

The story notes that "the online grocer hopes to boost its profits by licensing its grocery logistics technology, which is used in the UK by Waitrose and Morrisons." Prominently mentioned in the speculation as a possible Ocado US partner is Publix, which has tried to get into the e-commerce business several times and most recently has outsourced fulfillment to a service provider called Shipt.
KC's View:
I have no idea if Publix is going to throw in with Ocado, but I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on it. The sense I've always gotten from Publix is that e-commerce is something that they're not persuaded is important to their business model, and they're doing it out of compunction, not conviction. I think that would be a mistake, if that indeed is how they feel. But I'm not sure it leads them to an Ocado relationship.