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Bloomberg has a long and detailed story noting that Walmart has crossed into new territory - "for the first time ever -- or at least since the company went public some 45 years ago -- Walmart's revenues shrank from the year before."

The event suggests that Walmart "is clearly having trouble adapting its gigantic stores to the Internet age," and even that "Walmart might have just hit its growth limit." And even Walmart concedes that it "may not be able to deliver the kind of steady net sales and profit growth investors have grown accustomed to seeing."

Is this the end of Walmart as we know it? Or is it positioning itself for another half-century of retail dominance? To find out, click here.
KC's View:
The fact is that both may be true. Walmart can still be dominant for the next 50 years, and indeed, that may actually depend on it not being the company as we know it. It can be argued that Walmart's success or failure will be determined by its ability to adapt to radically changing times and not do things the same way it always has.