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The New York Times has a story about celebrity chef David Chang, who this spring plans to open a new Manhattan restaurant that will have the following value proposition - it won't serve dine-in customers and instead will only do take-out.

According to the story, "When it gets rolling, Ando will deliver food in the style of Mr. Chang’s Momofuku restaurants ... to customers in a slice of the Midtown East neighborhood who order it through an app. The chef in charge will be J. J. Basil, an alumnus of WD-50, and Mr. Chang’s partner in the enterprise is Expa, a start-up studio that helps build new companies."

Chang is vague about the menu: "It’s a sandwich but maybe not a sandwich ... What I want to do is just sell cheese steaks and doughnuts."
KC's View:
I wonder if we'll see more of this kind of stuff, as food people look for new and different ways to get innovative food into the hands and stomaches of consumers. I'd love to try Ando ... but I have to admit that I'm even more excited about Fuku, a new David Chang sandwich place opening up at Citi Field this season.