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The Chicago Tribune reports that Chipotle, still seeking the secret sauce that will allow it to rebound from the food safety issues that have plagued some of its locations over the past few months, has decided to add free chips and guacamole to the burrito giveaway program that it has been promoting.

According to the story, Chipotle has "teamed up with Avocados from Mexico to launch an online game called 'Guac Hunter,' where users see a series of near-identical image pairs and have to spot the differences. Players who test their detail-spotting skills for three rounds will get a mobile offer for free chips and guacamole when they play, but only through March 31. The coupons can be redeemed through April 10."

Chipotle, which has begun scaling back some of its local-sourcing-and-onsite-preparation processes in favor of greater centralization, has conceded that the hit to its reputation could cost it seven precent of its customer base, which is likely never to return.
KC's View:
Good time, I think, to remember the old Latin proverb that I've been fond of quoting here on MNB over the years...

Trust, like the soul, never returns once it goes.