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AdWeek has a story about how Quaker "is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to help consumers make an oatmeal method as old as Quaker itself: overnight oats. Working with agency partner Organic, Quaker has built its first ever app for Amazon's virtual assistant, which is available through products like the Echo speaker."

The story says that the app "helps users find and make recipes for overnight oats, a trend that came as a bit of a surprise to the household brand that arguably knows oatmeal better than anyone.

"The idea for the app began a few months ago, after Quaker's social media team noticed there was a resurgence of an age-old tradition of cooking oats the night before and then letting them cool in the refrigerator overnight to be eaten cold the next morning."

The story notes that the Amazon Echo - essentially a screen-less, voice-controlled computer that goes by the name "Alexa" - "has gained traction and popularity over the past few months. Alexa now has more than 100 'skills' - or apps - and brands have begun working on integrations."
KC's View:
I just find this stuff fascinating ... and am completely on board with the idea that Alexa is Amazon's iPhone.