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• The Bellingham Herald reports that when Albertsons completes its acquisition of 29 Haggen stores in the Pacific Northwest, the plan is to keep 14 of them running under the Haggen banner, with the other 15 being converted to Albertsons stores. The Haggen stores will operate separately out of a Bellingham office, and they will continue to "focus on sustainably sourced and locally produced products."

Mobile Marketing reports that "Coca-Cola will introduce IOS and Android in their respective 'native services' in spring 2016 that allow consumers to earn rewards points for free drinks and perks through its vending machines. The company views them as worldwide retail stores that aggregate data on a variety of consumer actions ... The rewards program is not new, but now the integration will allow consumers to make cashless purchases using native services already available on the phone and earn points through its vending machines."
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