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The Boston Herald reports that Dunkin' Donuts plans to "expand the test of its mobile 'on-the-go' ordering to select Massachusetts and Rhode Island locations tomorrow to allow its DD Perks rewards members to place and pay for their orders via an app to avoid lines at its restaurants."

The test of the system originally launched at 125 stores in Maine.

According to the story, "Customers who want to place mobile orders simply tap the images of what they want to buy using the Dunkin’ VIP app. Only menu items sold nationally are currently available. Orders can be placed up to 24 hours in advance, and customers can create favorite orders for quick reordering.

"When they’re ready to pick up an order, customers can tap 'Ready to Pick Up' from the order confirmation page or the 'Order Information' orange bar. The pickup spot is designated in participating restaurants by a pink place mat, where orders will be waiting with receipts with customers’ names for grab-and-go-ease. Customers also can opt to pick up orders at drive-thru windows."
KC's View:
This is smart, and not just because it follows a path that Starbucks already has gone down with great success. It is very much in tune with how young people (and not just young people) think and act, and so it makes sense to maximize the uses of this technology.

It also positions Dunkin' Donuts to take advantage of what it perceives as a potential dropping away of Starbucks customers who have been using their app to make purchases and accrue points, but are disenchanted by what they see as a self-serving change in the rules by Starbucks.