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An organization called Brand Finance that evaluates and advises companies about brand equity and both tangible and intangible assets is out with its annual list of the most valuable global brands of 2016 and the top 10 are, in order: Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T, Walmart, China Mobile, and Wells Fargo. Most of the top 10 were at the top of the 2015 list, though there has ben some shifting around; China Mobile was number 11 last year and move dup into the top 10, while McDonald's was number nine last year and dropped to 12.

Other noteworthy names and positions on the list included Coca-Cola, down to 17 from 12 a year ago; Starbucks, up to 38 from 50; and CVS, up to 39 from 48.

KC's View:
As a friend of mine pointed out to me, this list - as debatable as some of the rankings may be - illustrates how the world has changed. For years, CPG companies topped the list, and now there isn't even one CPG company in the top 10. Two of the top 10 (Amazon and Walmart) are retailers, and two more have significant retail presences (Apple, Microsoft).

No wonder CPG companies are trying to figure out how to disintermediate retailers. They're losing their juice, and a growing national skepticism about "big food" isn't helping.