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The Bergen Record reports that German discounter Lidl, which is preparing to begin opening stores in the US no later than 2018, "has identified New Jersey as one of the states where it hopes to launch its entry into the United States."

No locations have yet been publicly identified. However, the story notes that Lidl's rival, Aldi, "has been in North Jersey for five years, and now has 36 stores throughout the state." Lidl stores tend to be about twice as large as Aldi, with a greater emphasis on fresh food.
KC's View:
When I read this, all I could think of was the scene from Casablanca in which Major Strasser asks Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) if he can imagine the Germans in New York, and he replies, "Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade."

Same goes for certain sections of New Jersey. Though I do think that Lidl is going to find itself getting positive receptions in many parts of the US, and will prove to be a disruptive influence on many markets.