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• The Christian Science Monitor has a story about Amazon's drone program - dubbed Prime Air - which the company says is staffed by aeronautical engineers, roboticists, and even a former astronaut, all of whom "are completely focused on making this a reality."

According to the story, "The goal of Prime Air is to deliver products to consumers 30 minutes after they have placed an order on Amazon’s website - the high-tech equivalent of ordering a pizza. According to Amazon, the range of delivery has to be more than 10 miles, and the drones, which are expected to weigh about 55 pounds, can only deliver packages that weigh up to five pounds."

The story notes that Amazon knows that different kinds of drones will be necessary to serve different geographic areas, and "is well into the testing phase for these different drones, but there are some legislative hurdles that the company will need to overcome before it can implement the delivery service, namely, regulations on commercial drones established by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)."
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