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Eater reports that "Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack, the upscale burger chain that has staked its success on the willingness of fast food consumers to spend a few dollars more for higher quality ingredients and better-compensated workers, has made good on its promise to hike prices in 2016, raising menu items anywhere from a couple of pennies to a quarter. The increases will help the billion dollar company continue its policy of paying staffers above local minimum wages, which are rising to $10 and beyond throughout the country, and which are pushing up food and beverage prices at restaurants everywhere."

The story notes that "these increases are modest by any standard, and the ShackBurger is still cheaper than some of its fast casual cousins (i.e. takeout spots that are more expensive than McDonald’s yet more affordable than sit-down restaurants). For example: The Five Guys cheeseburger, $7.99 in New York, is more than $2 pricier than its Shack counterpart, while Chipotle’s massive steak burrito, at $9.19 in NYC, is a over a dollar more than the double ShackBurger, at $8.09."
KC's View:
Great burgers. I'm happy to pay a little more so that the people who work at Shake Shack actually can survive.