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• The Washington Business Journal reports that "a recent report from a D.C.-based consumer organization shows Wegmans offers the best prices and food quality in Greater Washington, while Safeway is more expensive than much of its competition, including longtime rival, Giant Food.

Washington Consumers’ Checkbook’s biennial study reveals prices at Wegmans are 11 percent lower than those at Safeway, and that 94 percent of customers rate it as “superior” for overall quality, making it the No. 1-ranked grocery store in the region."

• The New York Times this morning reports that "workers at German warehouses of U.S. online retailer Inc were called out on a new strike by labor union Verdi on Monday as part of a long-running dispute over pay and conditions.

Verdi said in a statement that workers at six of the nine Amazon warehouses were joining the strike, which will run until Dec. 24 at four of the centers and for shorter periods at the others. Germany is Amazon's second-biggest market after the United States with 10,000 warehouse staff plus more than 10,000 seasonal workers."

However, Amazon said that the people who went on strike were a "small minority" of its total workforce in the facilities, and that they'd had no impact on the company's fulfillment times.
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