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Advertising Age has a story about a new study from Hunter Public Relations about food related stories that consumers identify as being the most important of the year.

" This year's top story was fast food breakfast, a topic that was in the news plenty, given McDonald's launch of All Day Breakfast and new items at Taco Bell such as the biscuit taco," the story says., adding that "after fast food breakfast, issues important to consumers included the big recall of Blue Bell ice cream due to listeria issues, which ranked No. 2, followed by the expanding impact of the drought in the western U.S. on the food industry.

"Food safety was ranked as the most important food topic, followed by nutrition. Also, 41% of those polled said they are trying to waste less food even though food waste was relatively low on the list, coming in as the No. 8 story of the year."

The study also showed that "45% of Americans believe food and nutrition stories are more important than other news stories, up from 40% in 2014 and 32% in 2013. Among Millennials, the youngest group surveyed in this study and a key group for marketers, that importance jumps to 54%."
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