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Yesterday, in a "Worth Reading" piece about the power of millennials, I wrote the following...

"The San Francisco Chronicle has a piece authored by Pat Wadors, senior vice president of LinkedIn’s Global Talent Organization, in which she writes about the millennials who work for him."

I got more than a few emails pointing out to me that I was mixing up my pronouns. Is Pat Wadors a man or a woman? And why couldn't I make up my mind?

Pat Wadors, for the record, is a woman. And I fixed the pronouns as soon as the mistake was pointed out to me.

You may not care, but ... When I originally wrote the story, I made the mistaken assumption that Wadors was male. (Shame on me!) But in the editing/proofreading process, I double-checked and saw I'd been wrong. So I fixed the pronouns ... but missed one.

For which I apologize ... both for the editing mistake, and, more importantly, for the original, mistaken assumption.
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