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Bloomberg Business reports that labor activists are not satisfied with Walmart's decision to raise wages for employees and now are pushing the company to give employees a discount on food purchases, a move that could cost the company as much as $400 million.

According to the story, "Wal-Mart currently offers workers a 10 percent discount on all merchandise except the vast majority of food. Fruits, vegetables and some snacks are the only food items included in the promotion, unless they’re on sale. Some employees want more groceries to be included in the discount, noting that competitors such as Target Corp. and Whole Foods Market Inc. already offer that perk."

Bloomberg goes on: "A group of Wal-Mart workers started an online petition last week calling on the company to expand the discount, and it’s received almost 13,000 signatures from employees. The group, which isn’t affiliated with a separate organization financially backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers International union, plans to take the petition to store managers and executives this month."

Walmart has maintained to this point that higher wages, more hours and more regular schedules are a higher priority at this point.
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