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The New York Times reports that Tesco plans "to introduce a pilot scheme at 10 of its UK stores to give away each day's unsold food to charities such as women's refuge centres and children's breakfast clubs" as a way dealing with the "30,000 tonnes of perishable food such as bread, fruit, vegetables and sandwiches" that have been thrown out just by its stores over the past year.

However, the Times also points out that this is not exactly innovative thinking: "British rivals Sainsbury's and Morrisons already run similar schemes. Sainsbury's has a network of over 300 stores connected to local charities making food collections." And Tesco's Irish division already has a similar program.
KC's View:
On the one hand, it is important not to be critical of any program that gets food into the hands and mouths of people who are needy, even the company isn;t the first one out of the gate. On the other hand, it says something about Tesco, which in the past has been seen as an innovative retailer, that it is a little late out of the gate on an issue like this.