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Yesterday, in an exchange in this space, I made the following comment about the Blue Bell Creameries situation:

The biggest surprise of this story to me was not that a major corporation would know about a listeria problem for two years and do nothing about it, but that Blue Bell was the nation's second largest ice cream company.

But I do have a thought about what to do with all that ice cream. Apparently there are all these tunnels in Texas that are being used to house federal troops with designs on imposing martial law on the Lone Star state. Maybe they could dump all that listeria-infected ice cream down there and wait for the troops to keel over.

Which led one MNB user to write:

I don't always agree with your comments, but find that I can understand the point of view you are expressing and think it usually merits consideration.

To me, the comment above crosses the bounds, not just by inches.  You are suggesting the intentional murder of American troops using what some would consider to be torture caused by death due to listeriosis?

Edgy and thought provoking is okay, but this doesn't work from many angles.

For the record, that was by no means what I was suggesting. Rather, I was being caustic about the suggestion that some people seem to believe that the federal government wants to take over Texas (which it already owns, as Jon Stewart correctly pointed out), that local authorities seem to be taking such a belief seriously, and that closed Walmarts are being used to create tunnels in which those troops are being housed.

I apologize if anyone thought I was suggesting wanton murder of federal troops. I was actually suggesting broad scale therapy for people who clearly are paranoid.

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