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Richard Corliss, who for 35 years offered incisive film criticism and extensive cultural coverage to readers of Time, passed away last week after suffering a stroke. He was 71.
KC's View:
I mention the passing of Richard Corliss this morning not just because over the years there probably were few critics who I read as consistently and pleasurably as him, but because his brother is Paul Corliss, who has been a friend and colleague to many in the food and retail industries, and has been a supporter of mine for years.

I have great admiration for people who work long and hard and well, who ply their trade and get better with time. Richard Corliss strikes me as just such a person - he wrote more than a thousand movie reviews, four books, and dozens of Time cover stories. And he did it, I think, without ever losing his love for film and willingness to occasionally say unpopular things. (He didn't like Titanic and did like Drunken Master II...go figure.)

Passion in the service of provocative, intelligent thinking. That's a pretty good epitaph for anyone.