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The Columbus Dispatch has a piece about the supermarket price war in that market, as "Kroger put its competition on notice last week - announcing price cuts on thousands of items, from slabs of baby back ribs and packages of chicken breasts to bunches of organic broccoli."

The piece notes that "there have been myriad price-reduction announcements in the past by Kroger and other chains, but this one might be the broadest sweep that’s not linked to promotions or other gimmicks." Diana Smith, senior research analyst for retail and apparel at market-research firm Mintel, tells the paper that “this is a move to try and protect their territory from future threats."

The Dispatch writes that "since Big Bear’s demise in 2004, a slew of rivals has pressed claims on a piece of the region’s grocery market. Giant Eagle, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Costco and Whole Foods have expanded offerings. The Hills, Marc’s and Weiland’s carved out niches. Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Fresh Market, Earth Fare and Fresh Thyme built stores."
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