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Gannett reports that in Idaho, a new law has taken effect that " lets ride sharing companies like Uber regulate themselves and not have to deal with regulations or laws imposed by city governments. The city of Boise had been at odds with Uber over regulations and insurance before the House bill became law."

The story says that Gov. Butch Otter let the bill become law without signing it.

In a press release, Uber said that Idaho is now "part of the momentum sweeping the nation, joining cities and states across the country that have embraced innovation and adopted a smart regulatory framework for ridesharing ... We couldn't have done this without Idahoans like you. You envisioned an Idaho connected by safe, reliable rides, and helped guide this legislation through to the finish line."
KC's View:
I post this item because I think it should serve as a cautionary note to people who dismiss Uber and its brethren because they don't play by the same rules as traditional companies. That's what disruptive companies do ... they ignore the rules, or find loopholes, or just go around them, finding ways to disenfranchise traditional businesses and create an offering that consumers find to be relevant.