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by Kevin Coupe

Uber, the ride-hailing service that has challenged the traditional taxi industry in numerous markets around the world, reportedly is the service of choice for a lot of businesspeople.

According to the Associated Press, "A new report by expense management system provider Certify shows that 47 percent of the ground transportation rides by its users in March were through Uber. That’s more than tripled from the 14 percent of rides that Uber had just over a year ago in January 2014. In a few cities, Uber now tops taxi rides for business travelers ... While taxis, limousines and airport shuttles still dominate the ground transportation business, Certify’s report shows ride-hailing services are rapidly on the rise among business travelers."

The story continues: "In a few cities, Uber beats out taxis by a wide margin for business travelers. In its hometown of San Francisco, 71 percent of rides expensed through Certify during the first quarter were for Uber; 29 percent used taxis. Uber also beat out all other forms of ground transportation in Dallas, accounting for 56 percent of the rides. In Los Angeles and Washington D.C., Uber represented 49 percent of business travel rides."

Which just shows how a disruptive business model can mess with so-called "normal" businesses. It's an Eye-Opener.

And let's remember how, when faced with competition from Uber, many taxi drivers and cab companies decided that their best option was to stage mass protests ... as opposed to actually competing and raising the level of their games.

Because whining is always more effective than competing.
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