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The Washington Post has a piece about Steve Case, the founder of America Online, who now, as a "big name venture capitalist," is finding lots of opportunity within the food business, saying that it is “ripe for disruption” and "one of America’s most promising growth industries."

“There are opportunities to improve the way things are done at every level: How food is produced, exported, processed, consumed,” Case tells the Post. “Our focus … is on investing in people and ideas that can change the world, and it’s harder to imagine anything that changes the world as much as food.”

And, he adds, "We’re in the first days, the early innings of this food revolution ... Nothing’s more important than what you put in your mouth three, four, five times a day."

Fascinating story, and you can read the whole thing here.
KC's View:
The irony here, of course, is that the US always is patting itself on the back for having the world's most advanced and efficient food delivery system ... which is true, and yet it may not matter to those who see it as a kind of normal that just begs to be messed with.

The worst place to be, it seems to me, is complacent about your advantages.

You have a choice if you are in the food business. Be disrupted by outsiders. Or disrupt from within.

I'd vote for the latter. (But I would. "Disrupt from within" happens to be rule 11 in my book, "Retail Rules: 52 ways To Achieve Retail Success." Just sayin'...)