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The Chicago Tribune reports that Walgreen has decided to no longer require its checkout personnel to send off customers with the phrase, "Be well."

According to the story, Walgreen launched the "be well" initiative several years ago, and is saying now just that the program ran its course and is giving no specific reason for ending it.

"It's accomplished its goal of reinforcing our branding," spokesman Michael Polzin tells the Tribune. "We'll continue to build our relationships with customers in other ways."
KC's View:
I'm not as regular Walgreen shopper, but I probably go into its stores easily a dozen or more times a year. (It is more a location issue than anything else.) To be honest, I cannot ever remember any checkout person at any Walgreen ever saying "be well" to me once the transaction was completed. Maybe I just missed it ... or maybe the policy was a lot more hit-and-miss than the company would have preferred.

Of course, it could've been a lot more complicated. Walgreen could have required its checkout folks to say, 'Be well. Also, by the way, what do you think about racial tensions in America?"