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The Wall Street Journal reports that Starbucks announced that it "will start testing two new delivery services in the second half of this year in an effort to make its stores in dense cities work more like highly productive outlets with drive-through windows. One delivery option, to be tested first in the coffee chain’s home city of Seattle, will involve linking Starbucks with San Francisco-based delivery startup Postmates Inc., which ferries products for clients in dozens of U.S. cities.

"In a second initiative, Starbucks employees in certain office buildings—starting with New York’s Empire State Building—will carry food-and-beverage orders to customers on other floors who order online, in what the company is calling “Green Apron” delivery, because of the color its baristas wear."

There won't be a minimum order size, but there will be a flat delivery fee, still to be determined.

One major key to making the delivery program work - users will have to be part of the Starbucks rewards program, which will allow the coffee retailer to continue to drill down on consumer habits and preferences.
KC's View:
At some level, I wonder of the Starbucks folks are a little disappointed that this announcement almost got buried because of all the attention being paid to the company's race initiative.