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StarNewsOnline has a story about how Delhaize-owned Food Lion executives are using the Wilmington market as a case study since it was "the first to covert to a new format that focuses on expanded selection and improved customer experience." Changes include "wider aisles and deeper shelves to grab-and-go snack offerings and a gluten-free section. The company has updated everything from its logo to its uniforms and check-out counters feature faster register systems to move customers along quickly."

Food Lion President Meg Ham says that "it's a quintessential Food Lion market for us. We're No. 1 market share, and it's a good size that we're able, with 76 stores, to not only do the work inside the store but we're also able to tell the customer the story and basically reintroduce ourselves to the customers ... We're finding things that are working here and we're looking to say, ‘What ones can we take across our entire network?'"

• In its annual report, beyond what it describes as "record results," Smart & Final CEO Dave Hirz said that "performance across both the Smart & Final and Cash & Carry store banners was strong, driven by our ongoing merchandising and marketing efforts and consistent store level execution.  Smart & Final Extra! continues to be the key to our new store growth, and, as planned, we completed twice as many new store openings and conversions to Extra! in 2014 as compared to the prior year ... Looking ahead, in 2015 we plan to continue our accelerated pace of new store openings and believe that our strong performance in comparable store sales, competitive positioning, and real estate development pipeline provide the foundation for strong operating and financial performance."
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