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The Wall Street Journal had a good piece over the weekend about Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino's, in which he discusses the steps that have allowed the company to grow from $2 billion in annual sales to $9 billion, in part because of a global strategy and in part because the company decided to bite the bullet and admit publicly that customers didn't like its pizza very much ... and then improved it.

Another interesting innovation: "Domino’s is also riding the digital revolution. 'In a lot of ways we’re really a technology company,' Mr. Doyle says. 'We’ve adapted the art of pizza-making to the digital age. Globally, we’re already at a run rate of about $4 billion of digital sales.' He adds that digital drives sales by making ordering easier and more efficient, and saves money on bad orders because customers 'take their own orders so they make fewer mistakes'."

Worth taking a look ... and you can read it here.
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