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Advertising Age reports that fast food chain Wendy's, in an attempt to burnish its freshness credentials, "is launching a web video called 'Wendy's Romaine Lettuce Journey,' in which a point-of-view camera follows romaine lettuce from the farm to the restaurant ... The move is part of a larger marketing campaign in which Wendy's is heavily promoting the quality and freshness of its food, starting with its salads."

The story notes that in recent times, Wendy's ad campaigns have focused on limited time products and promotions, the company has come to the conclusion that it needs to tell its brand story more effectively and frequently. In 2015, the story says, Wendy's plans a "more balanced approach to marketing limited-time offers, products and quality-focused brand messaging."

You can see the web video here.
KC's View:
I think this is smart ... it builds Wendy's brand, while simultaneously working to marginalize McDonald's approach to lowest common denominator food.