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The New York Times reports on a study done by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut concluding that "changes made to government-subsidized meals by the Obama administration to get schoolchildren to eat more fruits are having their intended effect ... from the time the changes went into effect in 2012 through last year, the percentage of students choosing fruit on a cafeteria line increased to 66 percent from 54 percent."

In addition, the story says, "the study found that children were throwing away less food now than they were before the new guidelines were put in place. Students ate 84 percent of their entrees, not including fruit, up from 71 percent before the rules were in place, thus decreasing the amount of food waste, the researchers found."

The Times notes that "many critics of the new nutritional guidelines had claimed that children were throwing food in the trash because they were being forced to eat more nutritious but less desirable meals."
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