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A new study suggests that the use of tablets and free shipping are major drivers for online shoppers in the US.

According to the study - conducted for UPS by comScore - "American online shoppers are open to new trends on social media and in-store technologies, making more purchases on tablets than any other market.
In addition, "Free shipping continues to drive purchasing decisions as 58% of online shoppers reported adding items to their shopping cart in order to qualify for the incentive. Further, 83% are willing to wait an additional 2 days for delivery if shipping is free, and 68% said free returns shipping is needed to complete a sale."

However, "only 44% of online shoppers said they were satisfied with the flexibility of changing delivery days or rerouting packages."
KC's View:
At some level, we all know that "free shipping" is an illusion. Right? It has to cost something ... it just sounds like most people want it built into the cost of goods, instead of being an add-on, or want to know that they can either earn it or buy it through greater loyalty or higher transaction levels.

Which means, essentially, that many of us are willing to fool ourselves when doing so rationalizes a decision.

Go figure.