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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that as marijuana sales go mainstream - medical marijuana is legal in almost half the states, and recreational marijuana is legal in three states and the District of Columbia - the pitch is for artisanal, hand-crafted product.

The story talks about how, in California, "those with medical marijuana cards were able to make high-grade, sun-grown cannabis appear on their doorsteps within an hour. Flow Kana, the startup behind it, celebrated its new farm-to-table — or farm-to-bowl — service by passing joints at a Berkeley hills launch party Thursday night." And the sales pitch is simple - if you;re going to buy cannabis, you ought to buy it from a company with values.
KC's View:
What will be even more eye-opening will be when some major corporation decides to get into the marijuana business ... corporatizing something that has largely been on the fringes.

To be clear, I remain extremely conflicted about legalizing recreational marijuana. I see both sides of the argument, and I simply cannot make up my mind.