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The 16th annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient study is out, studying how communities rank the reputations of regional and national companies that serve them, and Wegmans Food Markets has made the top of the list for the first time, supplanting the much larger Amazon, which dropped to number two.

The top 25 companies are, in order: Wegmans, Amazon, Samsung, Costco, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, LL Bean, Publix, Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Walt Disney, Sony, CVS, Microsoft, Lowe's, Kellogg Company, Chick-fil-A, Boeing, Inet, Whole Foods, USAA, LG, Procter & Gamble, and Nike.

“Reputation is far from static and is a business asset that is earned every day as people evaluate companies through the lens of what matters most to them. Wegmans has spent years building a sterling reputation in the communities they serve, through its employees, one shopping experience at a time,” says Carol M. Gstalder, Reputation & Public Relations Practice Leader for Harris Poll. “Samsung has steadily climbed up the ranks in recent years with consumers rating it among the 5 best on key reputational dimensions of products and services, emotional appeal, financial performance and vision and leadership. Apple’s performance, while still excellent, has fallen 5 points since 2012.”
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