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The New Yorker has an interesting website posting suggesting that while Netflix may have more data about who watches what and wants to watch what than almost any other comparable content providing service, it isn't always data that drives the decision making.

In fact, the company's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, concedes that programming choices are roughly 70 percent data-driven and 30 percent judgement-driven ... but that the 30 percent actually is "on top" and is the priority.

"Perhaps what we are seeing here is better explained by the rise of a different kind of talent," The New Yorker
KC's View:
That strikes me as a relevant description of what every good retailer and marketer should do. Sure, you have data ... but you also have to have judgement, taste, and good instincts.

If you want to read the entire New Yorker analysis, you can find it here. (It's been a good week to be reading The New Yorker, still after all these years one of the best magazines out there and with lots of stuff this week that has been right in my wheelhouse.)