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Fast Company has a piece noting that "this January, millennials began outnumbering their older colleagues in the workplace, and as a handful of studies have shown, this generation cares a lot about finding meaning in the workplace. That's a big opportunity for nonprofits, B Corps, and other companies with social good missions. Over half of millennials are willing to take a 15% pay cut to work at a company that matches their ideals, research shows."

The story goes on: "Compensation is a major consideration for potential employees, and mission-driven companies don't often have the advantage in that area. Instead, the report suggests that companies focus on the non-monetary forms of compensation that they can offer, like a sense of purpose, opportunities for growth, and a quality work culture."

Instead of focusing on the nuts-and-bolts of a job, the story suggests, companies "can attract socially minded candidates by pointing out the company's larger social impact and its unique opportunities for growth."

You can read the whole story here.
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