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MarketWatch reports that Whole Foods CIO Jason Buechel is saying that the retailer has seen double-digit growth in the use of Apple Pay week-over-week.

"We are the largest retailer (for Apple Pay) both in terms of transactions and sales dollars," he says.

The story notes that Whole Foods was one of the first retailers to adopt the Apple Pay mobile payments system, which allows shoppers to pay for products using their iPhone 6 smartphones. While other retailers, including McDonald's and Nike, are accepting Apple Pay, other retailers such as Walmart and CVS are not because "they are part of a consortium called Merchant Customer Exchange that introduced a rival mobile payment product."
KC's View:
Not surprising, especially because there's got to be a big overlap between Apple shoppers and Whole Foods shoppers. They're smart, and they have money. That's a nice combination for a retailer to be targeting.