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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

Tomorrow will be the last MNB of 2014, as I'll be taking off the two weeks around Christmas and New Year. And so I wanted to take advantage of the moment to wish you and yours a happy holiday season.

It has been an interesting and challenging year on all sorts of levels. I lost a younger sister to cancer, but in a strange sort of way, that actually drew me closer to my surviving five younger brothers and sisters. It seems like a high price to pay, but at some level, it instills hope.

Doing MNB for all these years has created in me an odd combination of hope and cynicism. When you read as many newspapers and see as many headlines as I do, you can't help but wonder sometimes about the nature of the human condition. Let me tell you, there are some really sketchy people in this country doing some incredibly skeezy things.

But often, when I get most skeptical about the culture and more convinced than ever that the fabric society is being pulled apart, I'll see or read something that gives me hope.

Not always. But often.

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I think that for 2015 my goal is to make my own hope. To try to be positive rather than negative. (Though the nature of my job means that sometimes I have to be negative, I'll try to be constructively so.) To get the most out of my somewhat limited skill set. And to try to see things with fresh eyes, rather than cynical and tired eyes.

"The best is yet to come," Frank Sinatra once sang. But that doesn't just happen on its own. we have to make it happen.

Which is what I'm going to try to do it 2015. And beyond.

And so, once again, I wish you a Happy Holiday. Let's have a great New Year together.

As always … that's what is on my mind this Thursday morning, and I want to hear what is on your mind.

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