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BrandIndex is out with a new look at Whole Foods' first national advertising campaign, concluding that it "has seen its Ad Awareness and Purchase Consideration scores tick up modestly, although Value perception has remained in negative territory."

The report goes on: "While Whole Foods’ ad awareness rose about 3 points during the first few weeks of its campaign, value perception remained mostly negative and climbed no higher than where it had been as recently as September, and still below its peak 2014 levels in February. Another challenge: competitor Trader Joe’s Ad Awareness spiked shortly after the Whole Foods campaign, possibly blunting some of the intended message.

"On the other hand, Whole Foods’ purchase consideration score has also increased modestly: 16% of consumers currently say that they would consider the brand the next time they are in the market for groceries. That compares to 14% prior to the campaign. Comparatively, Trader Joe’s current purchase consideration is 21%."
KC's View:
I think Whole Foods is the kind of company that understands that changes in perception cannot happen overnight, and that it takes more than a few weeks of a television ad campaign to change long-held opinions about the chain.

This is a long-term play. It has to happen in advertising and marketing, it has to happen in the stores, and it has to happen in the sometimes slow-dawning consciousness of consumers. But as I say, I think Whole Foods is the kind of company that understands that.