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Gigaom reports that after giving a speech last week, Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos "was asked the zillion-dollar succession question."

And, the story says, the answer was yes, "Amazon does have a CEO successor lined up should something happen to Bezos, as it does with all senior managers."

Who is it? “It’s a secret," Bezos said.

During the Q&A, Bezos also told the audience that Amazon is far more focused on a work ethic than on work-life balance, and does not offer benefits such as free gourmet lunches to its employees. And, the story says that Bezos believes that "taking a job with the company that offers the best free massages may not be the optimal career choice for a young engineer."
KC's View:
This is utterly consistent coming from a man who has said more than once that people who are worried about work-life balance must not like their work very much.