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NBC News reports that Walmart said yesterday that it will re-edit a commercial in which a father gets such a good mobile plan through the retailer that he gives his daughter her own phone, prompting her to hug his neck. "I can't breathe," he says.

The "I can't breathe" line has become a common refrain of protestors in New York and elsewhere who have been outraged by the refusal of a grand jury to indict a New York City policeman who killed an African American suspected of a petty crime by using a chokehold. There is a video of the incident taken by a civilian in which the man, Eric Garner, is heard saying, "I can't breathe."

Walmart said that it is making change when customers told it that the wording made them uncomfortable.
KC's View:
Smart move. There's a lot of unrest in America right now, and I suspect that it won;t be waning anytime soon.