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Seeking Alpha reports that Amazon quietly "has launched a restaurant takeout/delivery-ordering service that's integrated with its Amazon Local site and apps."

The service, called "Takeout & Delivery," is only live in Seattle - for the moment.

According to the story, "The service represents new competition for GrubHub, whose GrubHub and Seamless platforms collectively dominate the U.S. online takeout/delivery-ordering market. GrubHub claimed 4.6M active diners in Q3."
KC's View:
Amazon simply is taking advantage of the fact that in so many categories, it is the first and usually best option for online shoppers. If it can build on that advantage, by creating a new, high-traffic platform for local services it makes perfect sense to do so.

Again … this is just a harbinger of new competition that is likely to make traditional businesses' lives more complicated.