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WROC-TV News has a story about how Wegmans has tamed up with a company called Natural Upcycle to turn food waste into energy.

According to the story, "Inside Wegmans' Pittsford store, there's no shortage of fruits and vegetables being sliced and diced. But it's the scraps that don't make the cut that are the main course in a new energy endeavor … Wegmans employees wheel the food scraps out of the store where they are picked up by a Natural Upcycle truck. The scraps are then taken to one of two local farms. One of those is Lawnhurst Farms in Stanley... it's ironically right down the street from a landfill. Food is emptied into an anaerobic digester where it is heated to 104 degrees and mixed with other organic waste full of bacteria like cow manure and rotten animal feed. That mixture lets off biogas."

That biogas then is turn into electricity - enough to power 400 homes for a year.

The story goes on to say, "Right now 12 Wegmans stores in Western New York are turning their scraps into power. Wegmans donates all edible food not sold in stores to local foodbanks; only scraps that cannot be eaten are part of this energy program.

"It's an idea, with a lot of room to grow."
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