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by Kevin Coupe

Thanks to the MNB reader who sent along a MacWorld story about how "researchers at Nanyang Technology University say they've discovered a way to build a better battery … a battery that charges in mere minutes and lasts an amazing 20 years."


The impact, the story says, could be enormous:

"These batteries could revolutionize the electric car industry. Beyond that, if these batteries begin trickling into mass production, they could also kill two of the biggest irritants in today’s mobile electronics: Long charging times and forced obsolescence.

"The benefits of fast charging need no explanation, but many of today’s smartphones and tablets won’t let you remove their batteries, essentially forcing you to buy a new device when the lithium-ion battery inside starts to fade after 500 or so charges. A battery that lasts 20 years could dramatically change how long people hang on to their smartphones, especially with the mobile industry’s recent trend of decoupling hardware fees from services subscriptions. Together, the combo could further reduce the two-year upgrade cycle so common in the mobile industry."

In other words, it is an Eye-Opener.

Where do we all sign up?
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