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The Chicago Tribune reports that animal rights group Mercy for Animals has released a hidden camera video that purports to show "workers abusing chickens at what is identified as Park Ridge-based Koch Foods locations … The group asked that Koch Foods, a major chicken processor in the United States, adopt new animal welfare standards to prevent future abuse."

According to the story, "The videos depict chickens hanging on a moving conveyor line that pulls them through a vat of water charged with electricity. The charge is intended to stun the animals before their throats are cut … The group suggested a more humane way to kill chickens would be 'controlled-atmosphere killing,' in which chickens are rendered unconscious by replacing the oxygen in the air with nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide."

Koch Foods has not commented about the video.
KC's View:
The video apparently is so awful that the Tribune didn't even link to it on its website.

I just hope that the processors doesn't do what seems to come naturally to some such companies - which is to bring legal proceedings against the rights group. I get irritated by animal abuse, but I get really annoyed by companies that try to pretend that the rights groups are the real problem.