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Regarding the Price Chopper decision to convert the chain to the Market 32 banner, one MNB user wrote:

I was talking to some Vietnam veterans last week and one statement that was made was, If you weren't there, no explanation will suffice, and if you were there, no explanation is necessary.  So, to paraphrase …

If the experience inside the [Market 32] store and the employee morale and corporate culture doesn't change, no rebranding will suffice. If it does change, then no rebranding is necessary.

Responding to the story about Berkshire Hathaway acquiring Duracell from Procter & Gamble, one MNB user wrote:

Duracell employees should be afraid…be very, very afraid.  Other companies know the pain of BH cost cutting.  Just ask Heinz and Anheuser-Busch (I know it was InBev that bought AB, but BH and 3G Capital were big players).  Think of the bathtub scene in Scarface with the chainsaw.

It is so bad there are employee advocacy groups in Canada trying to have the government step in on the sale of Tim Horton’s for fear of cuts (also another BH with 3G Capital purchase).

Extra credit for the movie reference.

Got the following email from MNB reader Margi Prueitt, chiming in on a discussion we were having last week:

I don’t know Larree Renda, but she rocks!  Many women will be cheering (and agreeing with) her comments!  As Kellee Harris, the Western Region Business manager for Giumarra and a participant in the PMA Foundation Women’s Fresh Perspectives Conference, told you in an email earlier this week, we have a fabulous group of women in leadership and many more ready for the challenge of leadership.  We hope to help build the understanding that, to be financially successful, companies must do far more than “COUNT” the women on their teams – they need to “COUNT ON” women to build successful strategies alongside their other leaders.  Thanks for bringing the issue to light.  You rock, too!

Hey, I live with two really smart women, and am lucky enough to work with lots of others … some of it had to rub off.

From another reader:

And that is why I have such respect for Larree Renda and why I think that Cerberus is making such a mistake by not making her part of the new organization!
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