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Yesterday, MNB took note of a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal report that a nonprofit organization called the Cancer Nutrition Consortium is teaming with Hormel for a new line of foods designed for the fatigue and nausea often experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. According to the story, they have worked with chefs and nutritionists to create "a line of nutritionally balanced, high-calorie comfort foods like mac 'n cheese" that will be "sealed in a vacuum pack that stays on throughout the cooking process to cut down on food odors. Funkier foods like fish will be masked with odors like apple or pumpkin, which patient focus groups found pleasant."

My comment: I just think this is great. I hope it gets real traction among the many families that are dealing with this terrible disease, and that it is a big success for everybody.

One MNB user chimed in:

As one that suffers from cancer I applaud the effort to increase nutrition for those suffering from the symptoms of the cancer and the related chemotherapy.  You have no idea what it is like to be weak and sick from the cancer and the chemotherapy but still repulsed by the thought of eating anything.  Any effort in this area should be praised as an effort to assist the community less than that of securing increased profits.  Simply put…THANK YOU.

But, from another reader:

With the greatest respect for those who are suffering and struggling with such a horrific disease…

Shouldn’t we praise Hormel if they were modifying or adding products that had no association with any of the possible causes of cancer?   To some degree, this seems like double dipping at the expense of innocent consumers.

Just seems to me that if all of the resources going toward their new initiative were shifted to a longer-term solution they might get 5 gold stars from consumers, investors and the world at large.

MNB user Buffy Braun had a great idea:

I hope when they set up online purchasing they think of doing a registry for patients, like a gift registry.  Often people would like to do something to help a friend going through treatment, what a better way than to send them food!

I trust my Hormel readers will take note. This is an excellent proposal, and Hormel should embrace it when it releases the new line next year.
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